Federated Members:

Federated Members are non-profit legal entities that are aligned with the Manifesto of the International Longevity Alliance (ILA).

ILA Branches:

Federated members (or groups of longevity activists planning to register as non-profits legal entities within one year) can apply to become ILA Branches. The statutes of the organization (if registered) should be sent to the ILA Board when applying and at each statutes revision. The organization must have decided to be applying to be a branch of the ILA. The method of decision must be chosen including the number of persons involved. At least three members of the board of the organisation must have signed the decision. Pictures and names of at least 3 members should be provided to be put on the website. Once accepted as a branch, it's affiliation with the ILA should be clearly indicated on the main communication tools such as the website front page. As a condition of membership, the organization acknowledges and agrees to honor the International Longevity Alliance's trademarks, including the name International Longevity Alliance and its logo, as amended from time to time. The applicant organization’s acronym should not be ILA and should be indicated on every element of communication. Member organizations may use ILA trademarks by license in a manner acceptable to the ILA and consistent with ILA guidelines, as amended from time to time. Such license may be revoked in ILA’s sole discretion for improper use.

Honorary Members:

Honorary are persons who provide visibility to ILA by virtue of their accomplishments.

Applications are done here.